MLB The Show

Live Content Art

PlayStation • San Diego Studio

Individual Contributions:

Graphic Design,

Title Design,

Photo Editing,


Vector Illustration

As part of Sony San Diego Studio, I worked as a graphic designer and digital artist on MLB The Show’s Live Team—contributing to the design and production of a range of in-game textures, including pack art, card art, universal profile banners and icons, and in-game promotional announcements. Featured here are some of my favorites.

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Pack Art

Card Art

UI Art and Design

Series Pack Art

Chase Pack

Introduced in MLB The Show 22, the all-new Chase pack allowed gamers to find highly sought-after Player Items in a new way. While included as a bonus pack in 50 The Show Pack bundles, they were also randomly inserted in any regular The Show pack. These new “packs within a pack” guaranteed gamers with either a Gold, Low Diamond, or High Diamond Player Item with featured Chase sets released throughout MLB The Show 22’s life-cycle.

Diamond Dream Pack

The Diamond Dream pack was a free pack only available through MLB The Show 22’s Technical Test and guaranteed 10 Diamond Player Items from MLB The Show 21. The Technical Test for MLB The Show 22 invited gamers to stress test and offer feedback on multiple features of the game ahead of its official launch. And the Diamond Dream pack allowed gamers to test out the pre-launch build with some of the best cards in baseball!

Choice Packs

In addition to single pack art, I was also responsible for designing and updating artwork for various Choice Packs within MLB The Show 21 and MLB The Show 22.

Series Card Art

All-Star Game Concept Art

The All-Stars of the Franchise, All-Star Game, and Home Run Derby programs were MLB The Show 22’s premiere mid-season content offerings coinciding with MLB’s 2022 All-Star break. I contributed to the concept, design, and production art for all three series, ensuring that each program was visually distinct while fitting within MLB’s 2022 All-Star Weekend brand guidelines.

Misc Production Art

As a digital artist and designer on the Live Services team, I helped ship regular content for daily updates within MLB The Show 21 and MLB The Show 22. My responsibilities included pack/card art design and production and photo editing and manipulation. And when MLB players moved to different teams, I was responsible for multiple jersey swaps when official photography was unavailable.

UI Art

In addition to my duties as a Live Team digital artist, I also designed and updated multiple in-game UI screens with timely up-to-date player and team content.