Inktober 2020 Awards

Community Activation

DeviantArt Inc.

Individual Contributions:

Visual Design,

Vector Illustration,

Motion Graphics

The The Inktober 2020 Awards was a previously announced community activation by DeviantArt in partnership with Inktober. I led and executed the visual design, spot illustration, and motion graphics for all aspects of the campaign. Unfortunately cancelled due to extenuating circumstances, the work featured here is for work demonstration purposes only.

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Landing Page Design โ†’

Spot Illustration โ†’

Marketing Assets โ†’

Landing Page Design

Scroll mini-browser

As a central hub for the month-long activation, I designed the landing page to feature multiple dynamic content sections, including:

  • Contest format
  • Detailed submission instructions
  • Dynamic schedule of supporting content released throughout the month
  • Introduction of a new product feature on
  • Tiered prizing information

Conceived as a multi-phase activation spanning 31 days of dynamic scheduled content, I created a set of flowcharts to help guide the development of page designs and related content.



Activation Complate

Spot Illustration

Alongside the main landing page, I created various spot illustrations to support related page content.

Marketing Assets

Alongside the main landing page and spot illustrations, I served as motion designer for a suite of marketing teaser videos used throughout DeviantArt’s owned and operated community marketing channels.