Stupid Powers Challenge

Community Activation

DeviantArt Inc.

Individual Contributions:

Art Direction,

Visual Design,

Vector Illustration,



Motion Graphics

Try the DeviantArt Stupid Powers Generator challenge was an end-of-year community activation inviting artists to create artwork based on a randomly generated prompt—combining absurd super-powers with equally absurd circumstances. I led and executed the visual design, illustration, and motion graphics for all aspects of the campaign.

Key Art Illustration

Drawing inspiration from traditional editorial and Atomic Age illustrations, I created key art and spot illustrations used across landing pages and associated marketing materials. The art was directly inspired by prompts from the random headline generator, and echoed motifs of mid-19th century newspaper street vendors from the United States.

Landing Page Designs

Scroll mini-browser

I designed the landing page to highlight an explainer video, detailed submission instructions, and example artwork created by commissioned community artists. It also highlighted a special user profile badge awarded to participants who submitted qualifying artwork to the ‘Stupid Powers’ challenge.

Scroll mini-browser was the off-site landing page featuring the activation’s interactive prompt generator. Users were invited to create artwork based on their received prompt and to submit to

Landing Page

Headline Generator

Explainer Video

Serving as creative director, illustrator, motion designer, sound designer, and storyboard artist, I helped create a one-minute explainer video introducing participants to the whimsical tone of the activation.

Additional Credits:

Audio Recording

Script, Voice Acting

Audio Engineering

Marketing Assets

Alongside the main landing pages and explainer video, I designed a suite of graphic assets used throughout DeviantArt’s owned and operated community marketing channels—including and other social media platforms.

Community Profile Badge

Artists who submitted qualifying artwork to received the ‘Stupid Powers’ badge. My original design of the quirky caped-wombat wearing sunglasses, was directly inspired by a prompt from the random headline generator.