Start With Love Challenge

Community Activation

DeviantArt Inc.

Individual Contributions:

Visual Design,

Vector Illustration,


Motion Graphics

The Start With Love poster challenge was a community activation and four-week scheduled program supported by livestreams, video content, and commissioned artwork from twelve of the most popular traditional and digital artists on Launched during the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it provided inspirational content for the DeviantArt community during an uncertain time. I led and executed the visual design, spot illustration, and motion graphics for all aspects of the campaign.

Title Design

As art director for yuumei’s commissioned key art, I developed guidelines and spec sheets ensuring it was production-ready for landing pages, videos, and related marketing material. Alongside her work, I created the title design, complementing the activation theme.

Landing Page Designs

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Activation Launch

I designed the activation’s landing page to display detailed submission instructions and a dynamic content schedule that updated weekly as the activation progressed. The page also highlighted the ‘Start with Love’ profile badge, awarded to artists who participated with submitted artwork.

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Mid-Activation Updates

Throughout the activation, the page content dynamically updated to align with scheduled content releases, including artwork, livestreams, and pre-recorded videos. As new content was unveiled, an evolving gallery showcased the commissioned artwork from the 12 participating guest artists.

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Activation Concluded

Once the activation concluded, the evolving gallery was finalized, featuring a comprehensive collection of artwork from all 12 participating guest artists.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Spot Illustration & Animation

I designed and animated interactive spot illustrations that accompanied the submission instructions on the landing page, providing guidance for participating artists.

Marketing Assets

Alongside the main landing page, I designed a suite of graphic assets used throughout DeviantArt’s owned and operated community marketing channels—including and other social media platforms.

Community Profile Badge

Artists who submitted qualifying artwork to received the ‘Start With Love’ badge. In designing the badge, I adapted a Penrose triangle into the shape of a heart, serving as a symbol of infinite love.