Celebrating 19 Years of DeviantArt!

Community Activation

DeviantArt Inc.

Individual Contributions:

Visual Design,

3D Illustration,

Vector Illustration,


Motion Graphics

Celebrating 19 Years of DeviantArt was a community activation that encouraged artists to create artwork exploring the theme of ‘change’—and coincided with the phase out of DeviantArt’s original platform and the introduction of its modern iteration. I led and executed the visual design, illustration, and motion graphics for all aspects of the campaign.

Key Art Illustration

Drawing inspiration from both traditional and mixed-media art, I stylized the activation’s 3D key art in a paper craft aesthetic. From traditional to digital, it’s an homage to the diverse range of mediums and artists who call DeviantArt home. Within it, I highlighted community-favorite memes, company easter eggs, and personal messages from some of DeviantArt’s original employees.

Landing Page Design

Scroll mini-browser

I designed the landing page to highlight detailed submission instructions, a starter template for artists to use for their submissions, and example artwork created by commissioned community artists. It also highlighted a special user profile badge awarded to participants who submitted qualifying artwork.

Starter Template Illustration

For the activation’s prompt, I created a starter template that submitting artists would use as a foundation for their finished work. The base illustration included a pair of DeviantArt original characters leaping between two portals. Conceptually the design invited artists to fill-in where the pair were jumping to and from.

Accompanying the starter template, I created example art fleshing out the scene. And alongside other example work from commissioned community artists, it served as an inspiration for artists looking to participate.

Marketing Assets

Alongside the main landing page and starter template, I designed a suite of graphic assets used throughout DeviantArt’s owned and operated community marketing channels—including deviantart.com and other social media platforms.

Community Profile Badge

Artists who submitted qualifying artwork to deviantart.com received the “DeviantArt 19th Birthday” badge. In its design, I prominently featured DeviantArt’s age with traditionally fun birthday motifs..